Adhesive for upper assembly with high heat resistance

Shoestik AX Special is applied with a brush or gluing machine on both surfaces to be glued, suitably cleaned of any traces of grease and dust, allowing the solvent to dry perfectly. Shoestik AX Special has an open time of about 10 minutes at 25°C: this characteristic, combined with rapid evaporation of the solvent, allows the parts to be coupled in
a relatively short time with a very strong initial setting.
If applying the toe cap, proceed as follows: spread the adhesive on the inside of the upper, immediately apply the toe cap, spread another product on the toe cap and close everything with the lining.
The dry product is odorless, flexible and resistant to aging. The gluing performed with Shoestik AX Special demonstrate an excellent initial grip with a strong resistance to
detachment immediately after joining the parts. If you wish to check the adhesion strength with tensile tests, bear in mind that the definitive setting develops after at least 48 hours.